Silent Screams (A Tribute To Judy) – By: Bethany JoAnna

We are always so honored when someone takes the time to reach out to us and share their thoughts and stories with us. This poem that was sent to us was so special that we wanted to share it with everyone.  Thank you!

A whisper is loud if uttered in silence,

But a scream is silent if surrounded by noise,

And that’s how they do it.

They make everyone question your sanity, question your clarity, question your ability.

They portray themselves as the hero, the one always protecting you from yourself.

They find your weak spot and exploit it, they use it against you.

They tell you your memory is slipping and you exaggerate to much.

They know how to play your loved ones and pit them against you.

They threaten you with law enforcement, and use the kids as collateral.

They force you to depend on them so getting out is harder.

They leave marks, burns, and bruises, then create stories to cover them up.

They maintain their innocence, knowing all along the damage they caused.


The thing is,

They choose to surround you with noise, because if there was silence,

Your whisper would be too loud.

  • Bethany JoAnna

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