The Acorn & The Oak

Books on display and available at all advanced screenings, part of the proceeds go to Judy’s Foundation

A Message From The Author:

I wrote the book The Acorn & the Oak in memory of my aunt who lost her husband when she was forty-three. Over the years, she would go on to lose four of her six children. Despite so much loss, she continued to see all the beauty in the world around her. When we lost her, they asked if I would write a story for her funeral. I wrote the story of The Acorn & the Oak. It was only fitting. After all, in all the forest, it is the oak tree that is known best for its beauty and its strength.
My daughter Jessica illustrated the book. It took an entire year for her to find the perfect tree to inspire her art. We drove for miles and hiked through all the area parks in search of the perfect tree. A year after we lost my aunt, I pulled into the Barnes and Noble

parking lot and set and cried. I was afraid after telling everyone that we were writing the book that we would never find the time to make it happen. When I finally stopped crying and opened the car door, there on the ground was the littlest acorn. There wasn’t an oak tree in sight. I knew then the story was meant to be shared.
Jessica asked if I would sit with her and go over ideas for the illustrations. I told her I wanted her to sit and listen to the story and to draw what she saw when she heard it. However, I had a few requests and one was for Judy. There was a story circulating around about the Black Dot campaign. Victims of domestic violence would draw a single black dot on their hand as a cry for help. The campaign never took off for safety reasons, but I loved that someone cared enough to try to make a difference. I wanted a ladybug with a single black dot in the book for Judy. That was February 2016, I had no clue that eventually it would be Judy’s voice that would become that single black dot as a cry for help for so many other women of domestic violence. My other wishes were for a cardinal, a ladybug, and a crescent moon to remember people whose paths had crossed mine on their way to heaven, and it was my way of letting their families know how much their loved ones life had touched mine. We hoped that my aunts story would touch lives, and it has. But, I never dreamed with one little ladybug drawing for a dear friend, Judy’s dad, that maybe it could help out in a much bigger way.  My daughter and I would love it if you would support Judy and her family by buying a book where fifty percent of the proceeds will go to her cause. For Judy, Sincerely Rhonda Accardo & Jessica Waterstradt
“The Acorn and the Oak” is a timeless story that takes its readers into the forest and allows them to see all its beauty firsthand. It is the story of a little girl, her mother, and their love of an old oak tree. The detailed illustrations brought to life with watercolor will forever change the way you see a simple acorn or an oak. Written to inspire all ages, this tale teaches about family, strength and hope after loss. Using the connection that people have with nature, the story reminds us that after we lose something we love, it will forever shape us and remain a part of our lives.
Each Book: $20

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