The Fire That Took Her

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Pre-screenings are being scheduled for community viewings.

Executive produced by the legendary Sheila Nevins of MTV Documentary Films and the Oscar nominated team at Motto Pictures. Winner of a 2023 Gracie Awards for Documentary Directing, by Patricia Gillespie, THE FIRE THAT TOOK HER tells the story of precedent setting domestic violence advocate Judy Malinowski. In August of 2015, Judy was set on fire by her ex boyfriend, Michael Slager, suffering injuries that would ultimately take her life. Slager was initially sentenced to only 11 years for his crime— for Judy this was not enough. She spent the remaining two years of her life fighting for justice from her hospital bed. With the help of the Franklin County DA, Judy and her team managed to adapt a civil statute initially intended for mesothelioma victims to allow her to become the first woman to testify from beyond the grave, at the trial for her own murder.

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